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About Prisma Platforms, Inc.

We are a software as a service (SaaS), data, and specialty training company for the Mexican and Latin American construction industry, specializing in pre-construction data, budgeting and estimations. Incorporated in San Antonio, TX, Prisma Platforms operates the Mexican Institute of Cost Engineering, or IMIC (Instituto Mexicano de Ingeniería de Costos) headquartered in Mexico City. We hold all the patents, licenses and copyrights to the databases, research studies and cost books published by Ing. Raúl González Meléndez, widely recognized as the authority and pioneer in Construction Cost Engineering in Mexico since 1978.

With offices in Mexico City, San Antonio, TX, and New York, NY, Prisma Platforms, Inc. currently develops cloud-based SaaS and other cost estimating platforms for the Mexican and Latin American Construction Industry.


Our mission is to bring tech innovation with cloud-based SaaS and other platforms to disrupt and improve the digitalization of Construction Cost Engineering in Mexico and Latin America.

We are dedicated to making best use of technology and opportunity to benefit new generations of engineers, architects, developers and all other construction industry professionals, delivering solutions with the best and most accurate pre-construction tools and intelligence.

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Our goal is to keep creating and delivering Cost Engineering tools for the indispensable need to work seamlessly across teams, remotely, and in real time, bringing forth solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

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Learn about our partnership with Procore to streamline construction cost estimation in Mexico

Prisma Master is proud to be the first and only software for construction in Mexico to have a partnership integration with Procore, a global leader in construction management software.

IMIC & Our Partners

The Instituto Mexicano de Ingeniería de Costos (IMIC) or Mexican Institute of Cost Engineering, is the leading institution in Mexico offering training, education, support, and proprietary tools to all professionals participating in construction.

Our headquarters and operating team is in Mexico City, with dozens of representatives across most states of the Mexican Republic.

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We are a SaaS software company specialized for the construction industry in Latin America.

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